Civil damages claims arising out of criminal convictions

Civil damages claims arising out of criminal convictions

Our specialist Civil Litigation team has a wealth of experience in pursuing and defending civil damages claims on behalf of clients where the civil action is based upon a criminal conviction. A conviction is admissible in civil proceedings in support of a monetary damages claim to prove that a wrongful act has occurred.

We regularly advise corporate clients and individuals on a wide range of disputes arising out of criminal convictions. Typically, the civil claim follows on from a conviction in the Magistrates or Crown Court such as:

  • director/employee fraud – e.g. where money is unlawfully taken from a business by an employee;
    • sexual assault / voyeurism / rape.
    • How we can help

      Monetary claims arising out of criminal convictions can by their nature be complex and involve substantial sums of money. The personal assets of a defendant (including their property) will be available to satisfy a civil judgment.

      Wherever possible, we seek to find a resolution of the claim without having to issue court proceedings. We have a track record of success using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and negotiation thereby avoiding the need for lengthy and expensive court action. Resolving disputes keeps the matter confidential and protects the reputation of the individuals and businesses involved.

      In some cases, court proceedings are unavoidable. We will pursue or defend a civil claim in circumstances where this is necessary, and we will be thorough and competent in our preparation and representation of you throughout the court process.

      To speak to a specialist Solicitor, call 0333 323 5292 or complete our enquiry form for a response from a member of our dedicated Civil Litigation team.

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