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Making a Will ensures that your estate will pass to your loved ones in accordance with your wishes. With the right legal advice, a Will can also make certain that your family or loved ones are provided for in the most tax efficient manner.

A Will Writing Solicitor is a skilled and qualified legal professional who has chosen to specialise in the ‘Estate Administration’ area of law. Only a Will Writing Solicitor can ensure that your wishes and intentions are stipulated with the highest levels of legal protection, with regards to how your wealth and estate should be divided on your death and who should benefit.

A Will is an incredibly important legal document. Although today, there is an ever-expanding range of ‘quick-will’ options available both on and offline. Nothing can be safer for you or your family than making a Will with an experienced, fully qualified, and regulated Will Writing Solicitor.

Where life’s journey has gifted you with a large family, perhaps one with a complex structure and history, or perhaps where your work and determination have allowed you to accumulate wealth, it is all the more crucial that your estate and your family are protected and positioned to benefit fully in the ways you want, ensuring measures are taken to divide your estate in the most tax efficient way.

The team at Lupton Fawcett, will talk with you, discuss possibilities and scenarios that you may not have thought of on your own, and help you arrive at decisions that are yours alone to make.

We capture your wishes and intentions, by drafting a precise and legally binding document, robustly written to ensure its contents and instructions leave little room for dispute or challenge, thus guaranteeing your desired goals will be met.

The simple but unfortunate fact is, that if you do not leave a Will, then effectively you have absolutely no say over what will happen to your property or your money when you die.

For the best legal advice on making a Will, and planning for those around you and their future beyond your time. Talk to Lupton Fawcett’s Will Writing Solicitors in Sheffield, York, or Leeds.

Our Will Writing Services can help you to:

  • Consider all the options carefully and with a thorough understanding of the law.
  • Understand possible inheritance tax liability (IHT) and understand the options to mitigate those liabilities
  • Make sure your money goes to the people you want it to go to
  • Make stipulations about anyone who should not benefit
  • Identify trusted people to be ‘Executors’ of your Will, helping to arrange your affairs when you die
  • Appoint friends or family to become legal guardians of your children, should they still be minors at the time of your death
  • Account for past relationships in the way you would want, i.e. children from previous relationships
  • Make revisions to your Will where things may have changed, i.e. you may want to make extra provision following the birth of a grandchild
  • Ensure specific gifts or items are left to specific people
  • Set up Trusts to protect an allocation of wealth for the long term
  • Make provision for charities and good causes that may be dear to your heart

All the above is only possible if you make a Will.

Where no Will is left, the law will allocate your estate under strict governance of the Rules of Intestacy. These rules are strict and often have unwanted and possibly unfair consequences for families. The rules are clear, the Rules of Intestacy could leave those you love and care for most with nothing.

You could also find that your estate is subject to a higher tax burden on your death, than would have been the case if a Will had been made to administer your estate in a tax efficient way.

Lupton Fawcett’s Will Writing Solicitors have helped many people write their Wills and we will ensure the process is thorough, simple, and as stress-free as possible.
To speak to a solicitor about making a will, contact our Yorkshire offices today by calling 0333 323 5292 or by filling in our the enquiry form on this page and letting us get in touch with you.

Family relationships & the importance of Making a Will

There are certain home-life or family situations that make it extremely important to have a will so you can be sure loved ones are looked after, including:

  • If you are in a second marriage
  • If you are cohabiting
  • If you have stepchildren
  • If you want to exclude someone from benefiting from your assets
  • If you care for a disabled person and want to ensure they are taken care of

In any of the above situations, if you do not have a will, the way your estate is dealt with will be decided by UK law and the Rules of Intestacy. This could leave people dearest to you with nothing.

Example Family Scenarios Where no Will is left

  • Stephen has 3 children and 1 stepchild who he raised and loved as his own. Stephen’s wife (and biological mother of his stepchild) died some years back. If Stephen were to die, his estate would be split evenly between his 3 biological children and his stepchild would receive nothing.
  • Arthur, an elderly gentleman, lived on his own with no living immediate relatives and no contact at all with any distant relatives. Arthur has developed a strong relationship with the family who live next door to him over the last 20-year period. They came to treat him as part of their family and Arthur became like an adopted Granddad to the family’s children. The family cared for him greatly in his final two years of ill-health. When Arthur finally died, his adopted family received nothing, and his estate as split between distant relatives, he had no contact with at all.
  • Dave and his partner Deborah have been together for 30 happy, yet unmarried years. They live together in the house that Deborah is the sole owner of. Deborah’s first husband, Colin, treated her badly and they eventually split 35 years ago (they had no children). Deborah has not seen Colin since and has never wanted to, however, they never applied for the Decree Absolute on their separation. If Deborah dies, Colin gets the bulk, if not all her wealth. Colin also gets the property that Dave and Deborah have lived in. Dave gets nothing and has nowhere to live.

In the examples above, it is clear, that Stephen, Arthur, and Deborah, would never have intended things to work as the examples above show, and yet this is the risk we run by putting off making a Will.

To die without leaving a Will could create an unpalatable recipe for financial problems and worry for the people you care most about.
It is incredible to think that new research suggests that over half of adults in the UK do not have a Will.

Why leave things to chance? Get in touch with our Will Writing Solicitors in Leeds, York, or Sheffield, today.

A word from our team…

Senior Will Writing Solicitor Sheffield

I have worked in Sheffield for more than 30 years, I enjoy working at Lupton Fawcett in this city as it allows me to connect with both local individuals and organisations. I am proud to provide advice to a range of clients including local individuals, those further afield and also to organisations such as Sheffield Age UK and Sheffield Mencap and Gateway. As a Private Client Solicitor, I offer support to my clients during a difficult time in their lives. I advise on all aspects of estate administration, including any property transactions involved as part of the process. Tricia Carter

Senior Will Writing Solicitor Leeds

I enjoy working at Lupton Fawcett in Leeds as I have the opportunity to assist a variety of different clients from local individuals to those overseas.  I provide advice on the administration of estates, ranging from small estates, perhaps with one or two assets, to larger more complex estates involving businesses, farming land and also dealing with cross-border issues. Working in Leeds has allowed me to build great working relationships with local professionals such as estate agents, stockbrokers and independent financial advisors to assist with the various stages of estate administration. Hugh Thompson

Senior Will Writing Solicitor York

As a local to York, I enjoy working at the York office of Lupton Fawcett as I have the opportunity to provide advice regarding estate administration to a range of clients including local individuals and families. Through working as a Solicitor in Yorkshire for over 10 years, I have established longstanding connections with individuals and families, helping them through the difficulty of losing a loved one. As a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), I am able to offer extensive advice to my clients regarding the administration of estates. Ed Taylor

Why make sure you use a Will Writing Solicitor?

Will Writing is not regulated. This may seem strange given that a Will is such an important legal document, but unlike other areas of the law, there is no regulation governing the creation of a Will. This allows people or commercial organisations, with no legal qualifications to offer Will writing.
Even though Will Writing itself is not regulated all Solicitors in the UK are, so, firstly a qualified Will Writing Solicitor has an in-depth understanding of the laws surrounding Estate Administration and Inheritance Tax. Furthermore, and in the highly unlikely event of Solicitors, charged with writing a Will, making a fundamental error, there is ample provision for legal recourse on the part of your beneficiaries.

Solicitors firms will all hold professional indemnity insurance. Also, complaints and claims regarding mistakes or omissions in a Will can be made to the Legal Ombudsman, or the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

With non-lawyer Will Writing Services, this protection simply does not exist. You will not have these safeguards.

Entrusting your final will and testament to a person or organisation who are not legally trained poses risks. Who you choose to Write your Will does matter, remember problems may not come to light until after you have died, this can create great distress for those you leave behind at what will be a highly emotional time.
The Estate Administration & Will Writing Solicitors at Lupton Fawcett as both nationally and locally recognised for their expertise. Leave nothing to chance, trust the experts and talk to our team

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Our Estate Panning Solicitors can help with an array of services in relation to planning for the future or the Administration of Estates, if a loved one has recently passed away. To discuss your needs and find out how we can help, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a Will? Surely everything will go to my wife?

If you own assets jointly as joint tenants then these will pass by survivorship to your wife, however, if you do not leave a Will, any assets in your sole name or which you own as tenants in common will pass under the intestacy rules.  If you leave a wife and children, the intestacy rules provide that the first £250,000 of your estate will pass to your surviving spouse and along with half of the balance of your estate.  The other half of the balance is divided between surviving children when they are 18.  Any assets which pass to your children may be subject to inheritance tax, depending on their value and you may consider that 18 is too young an age for your children to inherit.

By not leaving a Will, and relying on the intestacy rules, you are omitting to undertake valuable inheritance tax planning which is available to you.  Interests in private trading businesses qualify for inheritance tax business property relief ‘BPR’. We advise business owners to leave their business interests to a discretionary trust to crystalizes BPR and ensures that you utilise the relief on the first death. We also advise that you should leave your other assets to your spouse either outright or in a life interest trust which means the inheritance tax spousal exemption will apply and therefore there will be no inheritance tax payable on the first death.  The spouse can then make gifts to the next generation using the seven-year rule for IHT.  The surviving spouse can also buy the business assets from the BPR trust using assets that do not qualify for the relief.  If the spouse then holds the business assets for 2 years they will qualify for BPR again and this gives the family a second bite of the BPR cherry when the spouse dies, which is very tax efficient.

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