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Our team of immigration solicitors can advise your business on all aspects of immigration law, ensuring you’re always able to hire the best talent for your company.

We are one of the leading business immigration solicitors for employers in Yorkshire. Our team of has advised businesses across the UK on a number of issues, including the obligations and requirements of sponsor licensing, which allows businesses to recruit non-EEA candidates.

To speak to a solicitor about an immigration law issue, or for help sponsoring a foreign worker, call our Leeds, Sheffield or York office today by calling us or filling in the enquiry form on this page to request a callback.

With the introduction of the points-based system reducing most routes into the UK, there are still ways that our immigration team can help businesses find the best solution to suit their needs.

Equally, you may wish to adopt robust procedures and policies for preventing illegal working or employing someone who needs permission to live and work in the UK.

Whatever your circumstances, our immigration solicitors will focus on your needs and recommend the correct steps to guide you through the complexities of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) laws.

We have helped many with a wide range of immigration advice, including:

  • Employing people in the UK
  • Assisting HR teams in reviewing personnel files for compliance
  • Drafting immigration policies for staff handbooks and procedures for recruitment
  • Advising on the recruitment of migrant workers
  • Providing advice on sponsor licence applications under Tier 2 of the UKVI’s points-based system
  • Helping a business become a UKVI-registered sponsor
  • Providing advice on acting as Level 1 users on clients’ sponsorship management systems to assist fully with issuing certificates of sponsorship and complying with their sponsorship obligations
  • Providing advice under Tier 5 for temporary or charitable workers
  • Other work categories
  • Advising on compliance with the resident labour market test
  • Providing advice and assistance in respect of business visit visas and intra-company transfers
  • Advising and supporting businesses in dealing directly with UK Visas and Immigration in relation to responding to a ‘dawn raid’
  • Helping landlords in relation to the immigration status of tenants and the steps that must be followed.

About the Points-Based System

The UK presently operates a Point-Based System (PBS), which applies to a range of individuals, including highly-skilled migrants, investors, entrepreneurs and people who are being sponsored by their employer. The system is made up of five tiers:

  • Tier 1 is for highly skilled migrants, such as investors, entrepreneurs and people identified as having exceptional talent in their field
  • Tier 2 is for skilled workers with a job offer in the UK, including sportspeople, religious professionals, people who have experience in a job where there is a shortage of UK workers and people transferred to a locale in the UK
  • Tier 4 is for students who wish to study in the UK
  • Tier 5 is for temporary workers

To qualify for a visa via the PBS, an applicant will be judged on their attributes, maintenance and English language ability.

Applying for a Sponsor Licence

Employers are required to apply for a sponsor licence if they wish to recruit non-EEA (European Economic Area) workers. A licence lasts four years and must be renewed before expiry. Failure to obtain a sponsor licence or renew an existing licence can lead to civil penalties for your and your business, including up to five years imprisonment, a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker or both, in addition to criminal sanctions.

To be considered for a sponsor licence, a business must:

  • Operate legitimately and lawfully in the UK
  • Conduct a resident labour market test and fail to recruit from the resident market
  • Ensure procedures are in place to monitor sponsored employees
  • Provide genuine employment with a proper wage
  • Have not been rejected for previous sponsorship applications

If you are unsure about whether or not you will be accepted for a sponsor licence, get in touch with the employment law team at Lupton Fawcett and we can advise you on the best course of action to take when applying.

When your business has been deemed eligible, our solicitors will assist you through the application process, ensuring you comply with Home Office legislation at every stage.

Maintaining a Sponsor Licence

Businesses with a sponsor licence are required to fulfil certain duties. The most important of which is informing UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) of any of the following:

  • A sponsored worker not turning up for the first day of work or is absent without permission
  • A sponsored worker resigning or being dismissed from your company
  • You stop sponsoring a worker
  • Any changes to a sponsored worker’s circumstances
  • You suspect the sponsored worker is involved in criminal activity

We can provide guidance on carrying out your sponsor licensing duties so you avoid being sanctioned.

How We Can Help

We have helped many businesses from all types of sectors apply for and maintain sponsor licences. Our team can provide assistance with:

  • Understanding sponsor licence processes, including completing an application and providing the relevant information and evidence required by the Home Office
  • Making a successful reapplication following the rejection of a sponsor licence
  • Complying with the duties a business is required to fulfil
  • Avoiding civil penalties when something goes wrong

We are able to provide a quick and efficient service to businesses across Yorkshire and beyond, and our solicitors will be on hand to help with any questions or queries you may have.

Talk To Us

We have experienced Business Immigration Solicitors ready to answer your enquiries via email or telephone.

Lupton Fawcett are a leading personal and commercial law firm in Yorkshire with well-established offices of highly experienced solicitors in Leeds, Sheffield and York.

We provide a personalised service, with sector specialists and extensive resources to ensure we are giving you the best solutions to your problems.

Within every area of law, we put your interests first.

Our Employment Law Solicitors act regularly for clients across the United Kingdom including Bradford, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield, York and Nottingham.  We also provide specialist niche legal and commercial services for Irish companies wishing to do business in the UK and legal advice for UK companies trading in the  Republic of Ireland.  We can support your needs wherever you live in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

We will always respond promptly, and we will be happy to help.

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