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Regulation of the healthcare sector is strict and the potential outcomes of a legal dispute can be severe, with career-ending possibilities in the most extreme cases such as medical negligence and unlawful killing.

However, not all healthcare sector legal issues involve patients, as like other sectors you may encounter employment law disputes, supply agreements, property acquisitions and disposals, and a long, long list of other claims, cases and contracts.

At Lupton Fawcett we work with all kinds of healthcare organisations across Yorkshire and beyond, with specialist healthcare solicitors in York, Leeds and Sheffield who are ideally placed to provide the legal advice healthcare organisations need in the cities, towns and villages.

We also provide business law and employment law advice services in Yorkshire and neighbouring counties, to help you with the day-to-day legal side of running a business in the healthcare sector or in a related discipline.

GP Solicitors in Yorkshire

Many of our clients in the healthcare sector are GPs working in villages, towns and cities across Yorkshire, and we are proud to support this essential service and in turn, to support the health and wellbeing of the residents of this great county.

Again, many of the specific cases we handle relate to business and employment law for GPs in Yorkshire, and not directly to patient care.

Some examples of cases our GP solicitors in York, Sheffield and Leeds have worked on in the past include:

  • Banking and finance – loan agreements and securities.
  • Building developments, contracts and warranties.
  • Business law, mergers and partnership agreements.
  • Dispute resolution – misuse of practice assets and partner disputes.
  • Employment law, contracts, redundancies and disciplinary procedures.
  • Property sales, leases and purchases.
  • Regulatory cases, misconduct, fraud and unlawful killing.
  • Tax, stamp duty and VAT.

This list is not exhaustive but already spans the full range from minor administrative processes to major employment and malpractice disputes, all of which are essential aspects of keeping this important regulated sector running smoothly and delivering the highest standards of patient care.

We welcome all enquiries for GP legal advice in Yorkshire. For more information, contact our GP solicitors in Leeds, Sheffield or York.

Legal Advice for Private Medical Practitioners

There is a particular need for legal advice for private medical practitioners, which again we are well placed to provide from our medical solicitors in Sheffield, Leeds and York.

For example, if you share information with other private practitioners, you risk committing an offence under competition laws.

The government’s guidance on this explains: “Medical practitioners who work in private practice must make sure that they don’t break competition law. Certain agreements between practitioners to agree fee rates or share sensitive information can result in higher healthcare costs, which can have a harmful impact on patients.”

Of course at the same time, there are instances when sharing sensitive information with other private medical practitioners is essential in order to provide good patient care and positive outcomes, while at the same time private healthcare providers need to remain profitable.

With the help of our private healthcare solicitors in Sheffield, York and Leeds, we can advise you on staying on the right side of competition laws and other legal issues specific to the private medical sector.

Please contact your nearest Lupton Fawcett office with any questions – private healthcare is a huge sector in its own right and we welcome all enquiries from private practitioners.

Legal Services for Yorkshire Pharmacies

Pharmacies again operate in a strictly regulated sector and often provide the bridge between other healthcare professionals, such as hospitals and GPs, and the point of delivery to the patient or customer.

Whether you operate alongside a specific hospital or healthcare institution, or in a consumer-facing position on the high street or in a local community, there are all manner of supply issues and drug licensing regulations to contend with, not to mention the tight rules around filling prescriptions.

The legal issues around prescriptions alone include:

  • Independent prescribers who can prescribe medicines independently.
  • Supplementary prescribers who have limited powers to prescribe medicines.
  • Prescriptions containing controlled drugs like morphine and methadone.
  • Repeat prescriptions that can be dispensed by the pharmacist more than once.

Our pharmacy solicitors in Sheffield, Leeds and York have excellent knowledge and understanding of this sector, and the different rules that govern those operating within it, for example how the law applies differently to pharmacies than to GPs.

We work closely with our pharmacist legal clients over time to gain an even more specific appreciation of the issues you face in your business, so that each time you return to Lupton Fawcett pharmacy solicitors for advice, we can tailor it to your unique circumstances.

For more information about any of this or about our legal services for pharmacists in Yorkshire, speak to Lupton Fawcett pharmacy solicitors in Sheffield, York or Leeds, or visit our legal advice for pharmacies page for more details and case studies.

Solicitors for Care Sector Organisations

If you work in the care sector, but not necessarily directly in healthcare, we can also provide you with the legal services you need.

This can include organisations in all areas of the care sector, including those where medical care is provided when it is needed:

  • Care homes and community care workers.
  • Nursing homes and respite care.
  • Palliative care facilities and hospices.
  • Physiotherapists and rehab facilities.
  • Residential and retirement homes.

Again, unique circumstances will apply to different types of facility, for example, whether patients are resident on-premises, visit as outpatients, or you provide care services in their own home or another off-site location.

You may encounter more stringent employment law rules and regulations in the care sector, due to the need to hire individuals with relevant experience and qualifications, a proven track record, or specific background checks and police clearance to work in patient care.

Whatever you encounter, Lupton Fawcett care sector solicitors in Leeds, York and Sheffield are here to help you decide how to proceed, with clients located across Yorkshire’s cities, towns and villages, and in neighbouring regions too.

Read more about our legal services for care home organisations here or contact your nearest Lupton Fawcett office to speak to our care sector solicitors directly.

More Legal Services for Healthcare Organisations

No matter which niche you occupy within the care and healthcare sectors, we have experience and expertise to allow us to provide you with the very specific legal advice healthcare organisations need.

Our healthcare solicitors in Leeds, York and Sheffield work with clients not only in those cities, but also in nearby towns and villages, and we welcome many of our clients who choose to travel from even further away in order to benefit from our expertise.

We also welcome initial enquiries by telephone, so if you want to speak to our healthcare lawyers in any of our offices, you can give us a call before deciding to make the journey for a face-to-face consultation.

To contact Lupton Fawcett healthcare solicitors call 0333 323 5292 or email You can also request an email or callback from your nearest Lupton Fawcett office using our online contact form.


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