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Discrimination & Whistleblowing

Discrimination and whistleblowing issues continue to affect companies with many businesses and organisations failing to appreciate the impact that these difficult and complex areas of employment law can have, both in terms of the obligations that they owe to their employees and also in relation to the potential for claims.

Our in-depth and expert knowledge of this area of the law can be of assistance in terms of devising suitable policies and procedures for minimising the potential for discriminatory outcomes. We also make sure businesses are able to demonstrate (should they ever be required to do so) that they have taken appropriate steps to prevent discrimination and minimise the prospect of individuals being subjected to unlawful harassment, victimisation or detriments.

If you have any questions about discrimination and whistleblowing, and the effects it can have on your business, we can help you. We offer a range of legal services to businesses in the Yorkshire area, with offices in Leeds, Sheffield and York. To speak to an expert in employment law, call 0333 323 5292, send us an email or fill out an enquiry form and we will be in contact.

What is whistleblowing?

Depending upon the nature and method of their disclosure a person within your business or organisation who reports some form of actual or suspected wrongdoing may qualify for protection as a whistleblower. Complaints can include:

  • Criminal offences, such as fraud or money laundering;
  • Health and safety breaches;
  • Risk or actual damage to the environment;
  • Injustices;
  • Any areas in which a company is breaking the law;
  • Cover ups of the aforementioned wrongdoing.

Preventing and managing whistleblowing

There are many practical steps that you can take in order to avoid problems occurring in relation to employees who ‘blow the whistle’. In most cases the most important thing that the employer can do is manage the disclosure and any associated issues properly. As an employer you should:

  • Introduce a well-drafted whistleblowing policy that not only protects you, but your employees, too.
  • Properly brief your employees about any risks involved when it comes to whistleblowing.
  • Train your employees so that they learn to recognise potential whistleblowing issues and are confident that they can deal with them in an appropriate way.
  • Ensure you get hard evidence of any allegations made.
  • Not react badly to any allegations made or subject the whistleblower to any form of detriment.
  • Seek legal advice as soon as possible. Early advice can often prevent an issue from escalating.

Ultimately, it is inevitably going to be the case that discrimination and whistleblowing claims may arise in spite of the steps that a business has taken to prevent them. Our knowledge and expertise of this complex area of the law means that we are ideally placed to assist businesses in dealing with those types of claims, limit damage and obtain the best possible outcome.

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