Intellectual property disputes

Intellectual property disputes

IP law is complex, with some rights differing between countries, some rights arising automatically and others needing to be registered in order to be protected. Intellectual property disputes can include infringements of your protected IP rights by another business or another business alleging that you have infringed upon their protected IP rights.

Intellectual property disputes – how we can help

Our intellectual property dispute solicitors handle all forms of intellectual property disputes including:

  • Patent infringement
  • Trade mark infringement (whether registered or unregistered)
  • Breach of confidence
  • Infringement of database rights
  • Design right infringement
  • Copyright infringement (including the copyright in software)
  • Related issues such as oppositions to trade mark applications and failures to comply with advertising regulations
  • Our team advise on all forms of dispute resolution, from negotiating settlements to alternative dispute resolution and finally court proceedings if necessary. They are experienced and skillful litigators, allowing them to enforce and defend your intellectual property rights.

    We are also experienced in supporting those who need to defend themselves against a claim of infringement.

    In addition, we can manage your intellectual property portfolio to ensure maximum protection for your brands in the UK and abroad through our Intellectual Property team and its network of connections in other jurisdictions.

    If you would like to speak to our intellectual property dispute lawyers, please call 0333 323 5292 or fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will be in touch.

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