Our client, Mrs A is the mother of a young adult with severe learning difficulties. She had cared for him for all 25 years of his life. She and her husband, Mr B, separated and Mrs A continued to care for their child.

Mr B had already taken charge of the adult son’s finances through an earlier Court of Protection application. Mr B however, was not satisfied with the amount of contact that he continued to have with his son after separation. Mr B made an application to the Court of Protection for the Court to request that his contact be extended for him to share residence.

We were instructed by Mrs A to advise and assist her through the Court process. Mrs A’s main aim was to protect her son from the hardships of a parental separation. She was very keen to protect her son’s routine and stability as he was susceptible to ‘change’ anxiety.

We were able to arrange round table meetings for the parties to provide interim provisions that worked for both parents.

We were able to assist Mrs A within the Court proceedings and obtained favourable reports from an independent social worker that clearly showed that the son’s interests were best promoted in the care of our client.

We represented Mrs A through to final hearing which resulted in an order being made that the adult son should live with our client and spend time with his father.

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